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**** ISTQB-Advanced-Level-3 Description | ISTQB-Advanced-Level-3 Syllabus | ISTQB-Advanced-Level-3 Exam Objectives | ISTQB-Advanced-Level-3 Course Outline ****

**** SAMPLE ISTQB Advanced LevelTechnical Test 2021 Dumps ****

Select the correct answer;
I. Verifying "what" the product does is part of functional testing.
II. Usability Testing is a domain/functional testing technique.
III. Inspection, evaluation and reviews are usability test techniques.
IV. Understandability, learnability and attractiveness are attributes of usability
A. I, II, III true, IV false
B. II, III, IV true. I false
C. I, II true. III, IV false
D. All of the above true
Answer: D
According to the ISTQB syllabus, domain testing quality attributes are;
I. Accuracy, Suitability, Interoperability
II. Reliability, Maintainability, Portability
III. Performance, load, Adaptability
A. All of the above
B. None of the above
C. I and II true. III false
D. I true. II, III false
Answer: D
Select the correct statement(s). According to the ISTQB Syllabus;
I. Unauthorized access & copying, buffer overflow, logic bombs are part of Technical Security
II. Fallback, backup and restore activities are part of recoverability testing.
III. Verifying whether a system can handle peak loads at or above maximum capacity is called
stress testing.
IV. Verifying whether a system can "meet future efficiency requirements" is called scalability
A. I, II and III true. IV false
B. I, IV true. II, III false
C. II, III true. I, IV false
D. All of the above are true
Answer: D
A Software Test Analyst at ABC company. received a new software release and the installation
guide from Development. He followed the installation guide and successfully installed the
software. Then he followed the fallback instructions and performed a successful fallback. After
verifying that the software has completely fallen back as desired, he re-installed the software.
What type of testing activity did he do?
A. Portability testing
B. Efficiency testing
C. Reliability testing
D. Usability Testing
Answer: A
Which of the following statements are correct?
I. IEEE 1028 is an international standard on reviews.
II. Early reviews are very cost effective in finding defects.
III. Review is considered a static testing
IV. Most documents can be reviewed (source code, requirements document, test plan
A. I, II and III true
B. I, III and IV true
C. I, II, III and IV true
D. II, III and IV true
Answer: C
You are a test analyst for XYZ Company. CEO of XYZ sent a meeting entry to you and your
manager for a past project evidence and test deliverables review. A person from an external
company would like to interview you regarding the previous project. This activity has a very
high visibility from upper management. What type of review is described above?
A. Management Review
B. Technical Review
C. Audit
D. Inspection
Answer: C
What type of a review meeting is described below?
"You were invited to attend a meeting next week. Meeting moderator included set of metrics
and a document to be reviewed along with the meeting agenda. One of the meeting agendas is
to find defects in the document sent. You and the other attendees were asked to review the
document prior to the meeting".
A. Informal Review
B. Inspection
C. Walkthrough
D. None of the above
Answer: B
Select the matching pair;
I. Contractual Review
II. Requirement Review
III. Design Review
a. Involve Managers, customers and technical staff. Review contract milestones.
b. Involve customers and technical staff. Review design solutions, test cases.
c. Involve auditor. Review compliance to processes and regulations.
d. Involve customers and technical staff. Reviewing functional and non functional
requirements, test conditions.
A. I-a,II-d,III-b
B. I-c,II-b,III-a
C. I-a,II-b,III-c
D. I-b,II-c,III-d 28
Answer: A
Select the correct pair;
I. "Unexpected occurrence that requires a further investigation"
II. "Recognition of failure caused by a defect"
III. Requires a change to the work item
a) Incident
b) Defect
c) Bug
d) Failure
A. I-a,II-a,III-b
B. I-a,II-d,III-b
C. I-b,II-c,III-d
D. I-c,II-d,III-b
Answer: A
Which of the following statements are correct?
I. A failure can be detected only by dynamic testing technique.
II. Defects can exist in test environment.
III. All incidents require a software change.
IV. Code and design reviews can reveal defects
A. I, II, III true
B. I, II, IV true
C. II, III, IV true
D. II, IV true
Answer: B
IEEE 10440-1993 specifies a standard for defect reporting. Which of the following attributes
should be in a defect report as per ISTQB Syllabus?
A. Complete, concise, accurate and objective report.
B. Compete and accurate. Does not have to be concise or objective.
C. Complete and objective. Does not have to be accurate.
D. Accurate. Does not have to be complete, concise or objective.
Answer: A
A Junior software tester at ABC Inc. found a defect while testing release 2 of the eForm
application. The eForm application does not accept more than 5 characters for its' "Last Name"
field. Tester created a defect report. The defect report contains following information;
"eForm application does not accept more than 5 characters for its' "Last Name" field" Select
the correct statement regarding the defect report;
A. Defect report is complete, accurate and concise.
B. Defect report is accurate but not complete.
C. Defect report is complete but not accurate.
D. Defect report is complete but not concise.
Answer: A
A major bank has recently outsourced all of its software development in an effort to reduce its
fixed costs. The new supplier will be responsible for all new developments as well as
enhancements to existing ones. The bank has retained its own management team for its
projects. There will be an in-house project manager, development manager and test manager
for each project. Some staff may work on more than one project, depending on the overall size.
An enhancement is being made to allow existing customers to authorise their own loans online,
from �1k to �10k by answering a series of questions. You are a test manager with the bank and
you have written a test strategy for the outsourced team to follow. Unit testing has begun but
informal conversations with the developers have revealed that they have not received a signed-
off specification from the bank for the enhancement. They do know how loans work though
and have created code from conversations with bank staff alongside their own knowledge.
How could a strategy have helped to avoid this situation?
A. The test strategy would have identified bank staff with the right knowledge for consultation
on the loan requirements.
B. The test strategy would have laid out the process for capturing how the loan process would
work which the outsourced team would have followed.
C. The test strategy would have specified that a signed-off specification would be made
available to the coding team prior to the start of development.
D. The test strategy would have requested that the outsourced team take part in specifying the
requirements, to make use of their knowledge.
Answer: C
Option A is about requirements capture, not testing. It may appear in a test plan, which may
show how reviews of specifications may be carried out, but would not appear in the test
strategy (it will say that reviews will be carried out, but would not name specific individuals).
Answer B is again about requirements capture, it would not appear in the test strategy.
The aircrew of a national air defence force has requested changes to the existing aviation
software that provides on-board information about the combat environment. The air force is
currently engaged in a peace-keeping mission in another country and has come under
unexpected threats. The development life cycle is the V model. The software house needs to
change their test management process to ensure delivery at the right time and quality. The
software changes are coming in as the aircrew request them, as a result of their engagements
with hostile forces. The aircrew have requested that the changes are made as quickly as
possible. The project manager has decided to revisit the test management process. The changes
will come as small change requests. The team have worked on the project for over 25 years,
with little staff turnover. Which of the following test measures should be emphasised during
the crisis?
I. Readiness of the test environment for each run.
II. Number of high-priority defects being found.
III. Number of defects being found per tester.
IV. Number of hours overtime being worked by staff.
V. Number of change requests tested versus number passed.
A. I, II and V
B. II, III and IV
C. II, III and V
D. I, II and III
Answer: A
Option I, �readiness of the test environment�, while it may be a given, should always be
Option II, �number of high-priority defects found� is a good indicator of product quality and
should be included.
Option III, �number of defects found per tester� may be useful, but it would need to be
combined with other data, such as requirements tested to be of any real value.
Option IV, �number of overtime hours worked by testers� is unlikely to be of much concern
Option V, �number of change requests passing� should be monitored.
Which of the following is NOT a true statement?
A. Cost benefit analysis should be done before purchasing test tools and analysis should show
a good potential return on investment.
B. Bid bang approach is the best way to rollout test tools to an organization.
C. Maintenance fees, support fees, licensing fees and learning curve should be considered
before introducing test tools to an organization.
D. Scripted / automated tests can be executed faster during test execution phase.
Answer: B
Which of the following statements are true about risks of introducing test automation tools?
I. Poorly designed test cases automated "as is" results in execution errors.
II. Reduce defect detection due to limited manual testing by a tester.
III. Too many dependencies to integrate test tools and test tool limitations.
IV. Unrealistic expectations from management.
A. I, III true
B. II, IV true
C. All of them are true
D. None of them are true
Answer: C
Which of the following statements are true?
I. Test automation tools can be used only for one project.
II. Test data comparison tool can be used to avoid human data comparison mistakes.
III. A company can utilize multiple test tools to efficiently perform their test activities.
IV. Purchasing suite of test tools from the same vendor guarantees that the tools will work
together. 32
A. II, III true. I, IV false
B. I, II true. III, IV false
C. II, III, IV true. I false
D. I, II, IV true. III false
Answer: A
Select the correct pair from the following Test Tool Categories?
Test Tools Category:
I. Test Management Tool
II. Web Tools
III. Keyword-Driven Test Automation Tools Features of Test Tools Categories:
a. Supports organization of test artifacts
b. Less likely to modify
c. Help to monitor SLA (service Level Agreements) compliance
A. I-a,II-c,III-b
B. I-b,II-a,III-c
C. I-b,II-c,III-a
D. I-c,II-b,III-a
Answer: A
What is NOT an objective of using a Test Execution Tool?
A. Reduce effort or time related costs
B. Run more tests
C. Repeat tests easily
D. Automate all new features that are going to be delivered in next release.
Answer: D
XYZ Company develops websites for individual users / companies. The testing team tests each
build of the software once development releases it. Once testers complete the testing, they also
work on coding the next build of the software. All testers and developers report to project
manager. What type of independency is achieved above as per ISTQB syllabus?
A. "No independent testers"
B. Testing is done by a tester who is part of the development team
C. "External Test specialists perform testing"
D. "Testing is done by an organization external to the company"
Answer: B
Which of the following is NOT a challenge with outsourcing?
A. Cultural differences
B. Quality
C. Employee turnover
D. Low cost
Answer: D

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